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Question for Elementary fans!

What does Joan drink? I remember an episode or two where she went out with friends (who were stunned she was turning into a detective) and one where she went out with a friend one-on-one. What was her alcohol of choice? I don’t need specifics on the TYPE of wine for example, just if she had red or white or was more interested in something resembling a vodka tonic. Strange question I know, but any help appreciated.

Sherlock and Elementary and why it should be allowed to love them both


I love Sherlock. I also love Elementary. I think they are both great shows, wonderfully written and completely different from each other which I have always adored in them. They are clever, they have awesome characters and some of my favorite on-screen relationships.

Just a warning, this is going to be a rant. A really long rant and I might or might not slip to cursing at some places so. Just so you know.

I have a problem with these two fandoms and how they don’t seem to get along. At all. It just makes me so sad and dissapointed.

Of course I see the problems in these shows and I must admit, Moffat is not really one of my personal favorite writers. As a female, I am always looking out for female representation in media and you know, Moffat doesn’t always shine on this aspect.

BUT. What I hate to see on my dash is Elementary-fans shaming those who watch Sherlock, claiming that Elementary is a superior show because it has better queer/trans representation and it breaks female tropes in tv-shows. What I also see critized is that Sherlock has that typical “two-dudes-in-a-close-but-not-that-close-relationship-haha-no-homo” trope, which, I must admit, annoys me sometimes too. Of course I wish to see a tv-show that goes “fuck it, let’s stop this teasing and let’s just go full homo!” or something.

What makes these two shows so great relays mostly on the relationships of Sherlock and Watson. I don’t see a point of arguing which cast is better because fuck it, even though the characters have the same name, they are VERY different. I adore Lucy Liu’s Joan Watson and the greatest ‘bitch please’ look in the whole world. I think John Watson is awesome as fuck and hell, he beat up Sherlock Holmes. Jonny Lee Miller’s Sherlock has that dark backstory and endless respect for his Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch is the fucking Benedict Cumberbatch. My argument just got really lame, but I mean c’moon. BBC’s Shelock can be a dick but it doesn’t make him any less amazing character.

When it comes to relationships and shipping, I just want to scream “WHY DO YOU PEOPLE GIVE A FUCK?” because as we all know, you can’t really help shipping some characters and nobody has a right to come sprouting some nonsense of “you can’t ship them, the show has clearly stated they are not gay!” or “you have to ship them, can’t you see their chemistry??” NO either you see the chemistry and ship the fuck out of it or you don’t! It is really not that difficult to understand, I hope.

So. Do I think Elementary is a superior show? Hell no! What about Sherlock? Absolutely not! They both have their flaws and great moments and I just want enjoy these shows in peace and without feeling guilty. So feel free to critizise all you want but please, try not to shame people for loving something.

A lot less ranty and a lot better put than I did.

Sherlock vs Elementary: just give it up already

I wasn’t going to do this but this whole Sherlock/Elementary debate is ticking me off. And this post will probably tick others off as well.

I feel like Tumblr is so full of ACTIVISM ALL THE THINGS that too many people just kind of jump on bandwagons without thinking for themselves. I’ve seen it a lot directed at different people who don’t deserve it, and some people who definitely do. Yes, I’ve read Moffat’s comments. A lot of which, while really deplorable, probably do not deserve such levels of vitriol and cries for his head. If I hated every TV show or movie that was headed by a man whose female characters have to be hot and are generally sidelined to love interests or damsels in distress, I would only have a very, very tiny collection of media to enjoy. I’m not condoning this fact, or Moffat’s comments, but they do not in any way affect my enjoyment of Sherlock. OMG the showrunner/director of an excellent show/movie is an asshole! This has NEVER happened before in the history of entertainment! EVER! We must immediately take this brilliant and successful show away because he’s such an asshole!

I really feel like a lot of this burst of Sherlock BBC hatred is not just stemming from certain insecure Elementary fans whose show has two years of critical acclaim and a very, very intense fandom to compete with, but from some Tumblr sheep jumping on an activist/boycott bandwagon because it’ll be cool to tell their friends they’re “not going to contribute numbers to a show starring a man who promotes rape culture [really I just think MF needs to THINK before he opens his mouth and understand why what he said is bad] and headed by a misogynistic douchebag who ditches female characters unless they’re hot”. Wow, you’re so cool and ahead of your time for not liking that super popular thing everyone else likes for the reasons you’re doing so!

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you don’t like the show, you don’t and that’s fine. I have a few friends who aren’t into it, but their reasons all have to do with the fact that they’re not fond of the show ITSELF, not because of Moffat. Be aware that if you hate the show almost entirely because of Steven Moffat, it stands to reason that, as mentioned above, you probably hate most television on principle.

Honestly, behind-the-scenes aside, both shows have their pros and cons. I generally try to stay as far away from either of the Sherlock fandoms as possible because it seems that if you don’t ship Johnlock (I don’t) they accuse you of being a socially-conditioned homophobe (like all those rich white cis-gendered heteronormative Sherlock showrunners and cast and crew who know NOTHING because PRIVILEGE and STUFF). And if you don’t like Lucy Liu’s portrayal of Joan (sorry, not sorry, the woman can’t EMOTE to save her life), they chase you out with pitchforks labeled “RACIST” and “MISOGYNIST” and lump you in with the ACTUAL bad guys.

I’m not denouncing people mixing politics and opinions and views with fandom; I think it’s great that people are starting to really scrutinize what we’re watching and what kind of message it’s sending, especially when it comes to women.

But can’t we all just get along? I actually know quite a few people who enjoy BOTH shows. That’s the great thing about liking stuff, you can like as many different things as you like and the only person who can take that away from you is yourself. So turn off your Tumblrvision for a bit and go watch whatever the heck you want to watch, and screw anyone who tries to talk you out of your fandom.









Yeeeees? And?

I’m taking this as a compliment to Elementary.


Not Featuring A Dude Who Makes Rape Jokes is `100% a compliment.

Not mayo on white bread.

Not a show helmed by a dude so racist he regurgitates Yellow Peril conspiracy theories circa 1898.

Not a show that reduces WOC to antagonistic shrews/wilting lotus flowers but rather casts a WOC in the lead to totally pwn a white British supervillain that tries to reduce her to a ‘mascot’

Not a show that constantly queerbaits its viewers and mocks them for daring to interpret the characters as anything other than cishet men.

a show featuring 100% canon trans and gay characters that handles them like real human beings
a show that turns misogynistic tropes on their heads
a show that calls its white male protagonists out on his shit
a show with an adaptation of sherlock who praises women
a show with flawless writing that showcases how women actually act
do i really need to go on

A show that doesn’t spoon feed you mysteries with super special effects

A show where Watson and Sherlock are friends on equal levels rather than making Watson the underdog

A show that understands the audience is just as important as the characters and allows them the chance to connect and deduce on their own

A show that shows Sherlock as a man completely capable of having a heart, but having too much pride to show it

A show with strong character development that stays consistent

God forbid

God I wish BOTH the Sherlock fans and Elementary fans would SHUT THE FUCK UP about each other’s fandoms already. Both shows have their issues (and their qualities), congratulations. Now move the fuck on and enjoy what you wanna enjoy.

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"The Next Act"

Finished and coloured. Initially I did not love this commission, since I’m not a shipper and I just cannot see Sherlock and John as something else than a wonderful couple of friends. However, now I’m fond of it, and thanks to some priceless advice of thenizu, I’m quite satisfied with the result.

The title of the drawing is taken from the first line of All I need, by Radiohead:

"I’m the next act
Waiting in the wings”


Beautiful.  Absolutely beautiful.

I don’t ship JohnLock at all, I actually kind of detest the pairing, but this is pretty gorgeous.





“I can explain,” Sherlock promised, his voice raw and rough in John’s ear. “I will tell you everything… anything… all of it, I swear…” He swallowed, knowing he should pull back, give John time, allow room for his anger. “I’ll let go in a minute… “ Sherlock held on.

Slowly, John’s arms rose to wrap around the apparition before him, unexpected, unbelievable, but entirely and completely familiar. “Sherlock…” he started, but there was nowhere to go beyond that name… nothing else in the world that he wanted. “Sherlock…” His arms tightened, fingers splaying out. “Don’t let go…”

available at society6 or on RedBubble
exists as a tattoo

I really hope whoever got this as a tattoo got a FANTASTIC artist.

forever reblog! 

I can’t put into words how much I adore br0-harry’s art! 

This is GORGEOUS. I don’t ship “Johnlock” but frankly I’d love nothing more than for Sherlock’s return to be met with a punch in the face and then a hug :P

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