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Rewatched (the best parts of) XMDOFP

And guys, I gotta say…

It is really not a good movie. It gets worse each time. The best scenes ARE good but they are few and far between and it is all I can do not to weep when Erik speaks in his terrible Sir Ian drawl (I love me some Fassy and I think he’s brilliant but can we all agree that accents are just not his forte and this one does no one any favors except Sir Ian himself) or when Erik, yknow, breaks character so that the movie can have a Villain.

I wish Vaughn was back to direct XM:A. It’s going to be a mess.


Mission Cléopatre (Mission Cleopatra).

Still one of my favourite graphic novel to live action movie adaptation (that is not super heroes). They added so many fun dialogues and quotable moments.

That long speech that Otis the scribe gives about his work is priceless.

I don’t know if a good english translation of this movie exists.

Man this movie is so good.

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Fanart for the adorably awesome X-men Fic Despicably Yours by Cesare. I highly recommend all of their works as well = v =

Yes, that is a giant gummi bear. Yes that is kid!Mystique. Why yes, you DO have to go read the fic now ;D I recently became obsessed with Erik/Charles Xmen fics so /cough. Fic recs welcome! (Cherik requests are also open)


Eeeee so cute!

I believe that Collins’ construction of Rue as the symbol of innocence meant that some readers automatically imagined her as White. After all, in what universe is an older Black tween innocent? Certainly not in American schools, with the often noted discipline gap. Certainly not in contemporary children’s literature, where Black kids and teens are underrepresented… and when they do appear, are sometimes viewed as “unlikeable” or “unrelatable.”

Collins also makes the grave mistake of stating from Katniss’ point of view that Rue reminds her of her younger sister, Prim. Prim is a much more familiar figure in children’s literature — the guileless, golden girl child often is the counterweight that balances the evil that the protagonist must overcome, and The Hunger Games is no exception. What is different is that while trapped in the Game, Rue becomes Katniss’ Prim, a younger companion who shares in the existential threat until she is overcome by it.

This was too much for some readers to take.
"Why is Rue a Little Black Girl?" - The Problem of Innocence in the Dark Fantastic by Ebony Elizabeth Thomas (The Dark Fantastic)  (via diversityinya)




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